Blade-Tech Carbide Knife sharpener


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The Blade-Tech Carbide knife sharpener is quickly becoming known as the ultimate, portable, pocket knife sharpener. Measuring only 75mm x 25mm x 3mm thick, and weighing a mere 14g (1/2 an ounce), the Blade-Tech is used by simply drawing the straight edged knife blade (no serrations) down through the wedge with only light pressure.
Re-shapes and sharpens the dullest edge even the hardest stainless steel. The Blade-Tech carbide knife sharpener can also be used on scissors, kitchen knives, hunting knives, pen knives, garden tools including shears, loppers, pruners, mower blades and scythes.


Blade-Tech Carbide Knife sharpener

  • Dimensions: 75mm long, 25mm wide, 3mm thick.
  • Weight: 14g.
  • Colours; Red, White, Blue, Black.


Blade-Tech Carbide Knife sharpener


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