What we do during the week

This is what we do during the week

During a regular week the Forest Skills Team are kept busy running forest school sessions for children between 5 & 16. Forest school sessions are all inclusive & we take great pride in doing what we do. And this is why; below is a review that we received from a school about a student who we see every week.

Firstly, a bit of background:

Student M is 14 years old, has A DD & Aspergers syndrome & attends a specialist school for children with a range of learning needs. Prior to attending our forest school & curriculum enrichment sessions they were, as their class teacher put it, “about 2 minutes away from being expelled from school”. After just 12 short visits to the woods, this is what their school had to say:


“Since attending forest school, Student M has been accessing a variety of lessons in school and all staff have noticed a considerable improvement in M’s school work, behaviour and the way that M communicates with both staff and peers.

Student M had previously been working in their own room in school, allowing only one or two members of staff to go in and spend time with them and maybe complete some short tasks depending on M’s mood. Student M now spends most days in a classroom environment and completes up to six lessons a day. If Student M doesn’t attend a planned forest school session for whatever reason, then staff can definitely notice a difference in Student M’s concentration & behaviour.

Student M can now work with a variety of staff and is much more settled within the school environment. Student M is also wandering a lot less in school and can focus on longer tasks as they know that they are getting student led time at regular sessions each week. Student M’s language has also improved and M is less inclined to swear after having had time at the forest, in an environment that M is really suited to.

Student M has also learnt more about task specific skills and knows when, where and how specific tools should be used and doesn’t ever attempt to transfer these skills for use in an inappropriate setting. It really helps that Student M has a session at both the beginning and the end of the week, as this gives M a weekly focus and allows M to be eased into the week, using M’s high energy levels in a beneficial way. The Forest sessions have allowed M to learn useful life skills in a controlled environment, and have given M ideas on future career prospects.”

If you know of children who would benefit from regular forest school or curriculum enhancement sessions, then please do get in touch. It’s what we do & it makes a difference.

Chris & the Forest Skills Team

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