Summer's here & so are the bugs

The weather has been beautiful in this part of the UK for the last few weeks, with the odd wonderful thunderstorm thrown in. Along with the warm sunny weather have come the bugs that are looking to create their next generation.
Sadly many of these decide that we are going to help them with this & that we’re going to be their next meal. Obviously this isn’t particularly pleasant for us, so we need to use insect repellent.
Step in Wilmas Nordic Summer. Forest Skills Have tested this and love it!
Nordic Summer has been used used in Scandinavia since the mid 1800’s for a variety of uses including insect repellent. It’s widely used by bushcraft instructors throughout the UK and Europe as insect repellent as it has a pleasant “woodland” smell about it being a distillate of natural birch tar.
Simply warm the tin in your hands (which melts the top layer of tar oil enabling the lid to be twisted off), then rub it onto yourself using your finger tips. It does look like boot polish, but don’t be put off!
We’ve just had a fresh delivery of Nordic Summer from Sweden, and at just £10.99 per tin (which will last for ages, possibly years!) it’s a real bargain, so get yours now!

Chris & The Forest Skills Ltd Team

Let the adventure begin!


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