Survival Kit Case


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Whether you need a case for your home made survival kit, or a tough & water resistant case for your fire lighting kit, this case is made for the job. Made from Polypropylene and housing an acrylic mirror (always useful!), this case also features a rubber seal which, together with its strong clasp, will keep its contents nice and dry.


  • Tough polypropylene case
  • Water resistant seal
  • Internal mirror
  • Lanyard


  • 85g (approx.)


  • 12 x 9 x 3.5cm (approx.)

The Forest Skills Ltd Team

Let the adventure begin!


Staff Review

This is the grown up version of the case that Chris has been using for the last few years to keep his fire lighting kit dry. While it may only seem like a small plastic box, this lightweight survival kit case has proven its worth hundreds of times. A genuinely recommended piece of kit.


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