Morakniv Companion 840 & 860


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The Morakniv Companion 840 & 860; the all-in-one knife for outdoor buffs. This knife is available in two variants; the 840 with a carbon steel blade, and the 860 with a stainless steel blade. Both have a patterned high-friction grip making the knife pleasant to hold and easy to handle. The knife comes with a dark green plastic sheath with a belt clip.



Note: This is an age restricted product. Do not attempt to purchase this item if you are not over 18 years of age.

840 Carbon steel version:

  • Blade Thickness: 2,0mm.
  • Blade Length: 104mm.
  • Total Length: 219mm.
  • Net Weight: 0,1100kg

860 Stainless steel version:

  • Blade of Swedish cold-rolled special stainless steel.
  • Blade Thickness: 2,5mm.
  • Blade Length: 104mm.
  • Total Length: 219mm.
  • Net Weight: 0,1160kg.

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Staff Review

These knives are well known within the bushcrafting fraternity as being well made, durable and excellent value for money. When we first took delivery of these knives we were really impressed with how highly polished the blades are straight from the factory. An excellent knife.



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