Hammock Karabiners (pair)


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Manufactured by DMM (a well known, high quality UK karabiner company), these ultra light, high strength, climbing grade karabiners are a really useful addition to the hammock set-up. By attaching one to the webbing at either end of your hammock, they act as drip lines, preventing water wicking down the webbing and into your hammock in heavy rain. They also allow you to quickly un-clip / clip up your hammock if space is needed under your tarp during the day etc., not to mention making it quicker to set-up / pack up your hammock.

When using this set-up for the first time, please take care to ensure any knots you have tied are secure.

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Hammock Karabiners (pair)

  • Size:
    • 9.5cm x 6cm
  • Colour:
    • Green-ish Silver
  • Weight:
    • Only 35g each!
  • Spec:
    • Made by DMM
    • 24kN strength with gate closed
    • 10kN strength with gate open
    • 35g in weight
    • 9.5cm long

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Staff Reviews

These are brilliant! We have been using hammocks with karabiners for years, but these are lighter and just as strong as the ones we’ve used in the past. Add to that a superb price and you can’t go wrong!

The Forest Skills Ltd Team

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