Exotac TinderZip


The Exotac TinderZip is the next big thing, so get yours now!

A zip pull toggle for you to add to zips on clothing, bags & more.

In an emergency, simply remove the core from a tinderZIP zip pull & slide out the highly-flammable, waterproof and easy-to-ignite tinder core that lights in any weather!



Exotac TinderZip

Each TinderZip is made with Live Fire Gears’ FireCord: a nylon paracord-type outer sheath with a core of Life Fire Gears’ highly flammable FireCord. Comprising mineral oils, natural oils, polymer resins, hydrocarbons, petroleum distillates & aniline dyes, FireCord is easy to ignite.


  • Colours: Orange/Black
  • Materials:
    • Nylon outer sheath
    • FireCord accelerant inner core
    • Plastic cord lock toggle
  • Dimensions: 7.62cm/3 inches
  • Weight: 3 grams/0.1 ounce
  • Supplied in packs of 5

Chris & The Forest Skills Team

Let the adventure begin!


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Staff Revew

What a brilliant new product! This is sure to be the next big thing!

Chris & The Forest Skills Team

Let the adventure begin!



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