Brass Meths Burner


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This type of meths (methylated spirits) burner has been used for generations & remains very popular due to it's classic and simple design.

Simply remove the screw on lid, pour in some meths & light, then place your cooking pot over the flames (pan rest not supplied). Use the adjustable flame controlling lid to control the flame to heat your cooking pot perfectly!

(Also used to snuff out the flame before allowing metal body to cool and replacing the screw on storage lid).

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Brass Meths Burner


  • Brass construction with Aluminium flame controller
  • Classic design

Chris & The Forest Skills Team

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Staff Review

This is an absolute classic item & one that lots of people “fall-back” to as it can’t ever really go wrong.

The only issues ever seem to be when the body of the meths burner isn’t allowed to cool properly before the sealing lid is screwed back into place, resulting in the gasket within the lid melting onto the body of the burner. This leads to a leaking lid which is difficult to remove & blocking the burner jets.

Just make sure that you only burn methylated spirits in this burner!

Chris & the Forest Skills Team


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