The WoodStrapper


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The WoodStrapper – a superb Dutch invention for splitting firewood making splitting logs a quicker, easier and safer job.

The WoodStrapper keeps the log (or logs) together while you split the wood. This means that you no longer have to pick up the pieces after each blow of the axe, saving time and your back! It also enables easy transportation of the wood, before and after splitting it!

The WoodStrapper consists of a smart combination of a high tensile strength strap, an easy to operate buckle and a special shaped spring which enables close junction to the log for full grip. The force of the spring assures that the pieces of wood stay strapped together, but allows the axe to enter and exit the log. The handle is positioned in such a way that the spring is not stretched during while you transport the wood.

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The WoodStrapper

Here’s a video showing how it works:

Note – The WoodStrapper has been intensively tested – It will prove durable when used correctly, but a full blow with a sharp axe on the strap or the spring will cause serious damage to the product. Therefore, it is recommended to split on the opposite side (standard good practice when splitting logs), or left or right from the centre of the log. The axe should always fall within the perimeter of the WoodStrapper.

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