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Perhaps the ultimate way to start a fire in any weather. And it's natural – don't use harmful chemicals with noxious fumes to start your fire! Light My Fire TinderDust is shavings from Light My Fire TinderSticks which are packed in a convenient waterproof-container that is easy to carry in your pocket or backpack, giving maximum heat energy for minimal weight. Use TinderDust together with a Light My Fire Swedish FireSteelĀ® to light your camp fire with ease.

TinderSticks are made of stumps from cultivated pine (fatwood) from the highlands of Mexico. With their 80% resin content, TinderSticks are extremely easy to light and work even when wet burning long and hot. 1 or 2 sticks will light any fire or BBQ.

The perfect companion to Light My Fire's Swedish FireSteel!


  • Easy to light even when wet.
  • All natural & environmentally-friendly.
  • Up to 80% resin content.
  • It is the resin (oil) that burns, not the wood.
  • Burns with a hot flame compared to paper and paraffin.
  • No “dangerous goods” shipping restrictions.

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TinderDust (Mayawood or FatWood) by Light My Fire


  • Material: Stumps from Honduran ‘Pinus montezumae’

Actual size:

  • 70 x 70 x 25mm


  • 28g

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