New kit to trial

Cerberus 30L rucksack HMTPToday we’ve taken delivery of some new kit which we are going to be putting to the test over the next few months. We’ve a new 30 litre rucksack in MTP patern, a ‘survival axe’ & a kukri knife, both of which are black and come with nylon sheaths.
First impressions of the rucksack is that it has loads of pockets (which is good), and that it’s really comfy to wear. The axe looks pretty simple, but has a nice feel to it, so may yet win us over. The kukri knife on the other hand, which is 5mm thick, is quite nose heavy, but will act as a very good “camp chopper”.
We’ll post back in a couple of months on how they are doing. In the meantime, we’re been very pleased with the test results of the “maul-chette” (as we’ve called it), and we’ll be posting our review of it soon. This is a product which we will definitely be stocking as it ticks so many boxes.
Chris & the Forest Skills Team

Let the adventure begin!


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