Are you a sheep?

Are you a sheep? If you are, then please don’t read on. Delete this message and carry on doing what you were doing. Still here? So you’re not a sheep then? You’re a rebel at heart? I didn’t think you were a sheep. If you were then you wouldn’t be reading this; you’d be reading […]

Octobers courses

Octobers Courses Hi folks, long time no speak! We’ve got loads coming up this month, so why don’t you come and join us! Here’s our course schedule for October: October 2016 The Practical Survivor – This is a really exciting course which we’ve only run twice per year. Come and learn about the psychology of […]

Summer's here & so are the bugs

The weather has been beautiful in this part of the UK for the last few weeks, with the odd wonderful thunderstorm thrown in. Along with the warm sunny weather have come the bugs that are looking to create their next generation. Sadly many of these decide that we are going to help them with this […]

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