Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday Sale? So Black Friday is almost here & merchants are making the most of it, dragging the sales period out for up to 2 weeks in some cases. Will we be running a Black Friday sale? No. Why not? Simple; have a look at our regular prices and then try to find another […]

FireDragon Flash sale!!!

We’ve reduced the price of FireDragon fuel tablets again!! We have the very slightly under weight pre-production packs for just £2.99 including delivery, & we’ve slashed the price of the production packs to just £3.50 including delivery!! That’s right; these prices include delivery!! To grab these deals click here: £2.99 version or £3.50 version.These prices […]

Something to do on these dark cold evenings

Well the weather outside is frightful, and fire is so delightful… all you need now is something to keep your mind & hands busy on these dark cold evenings (or you could just watch Big Bother?). You need one of these brilliant fire steel kits. Containing a high quality army size fire steel blank (made […]

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