Security Standard Compliance

Security Standard Compliance Forest Skills Ltd are proud to confirm that we have passed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard assessment today. This is an annual assessment which reviews our data procedures and confirms that our policies & procedures are in full compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Forest Skills Ltd […]

Food Information Regulations 2014

The Food Information Regulations 2014 come into effect on 14th December and affect every food business in England. (Similar regulations affect companies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). As we provide food and drinks as part of our courses, Forest Skills Ltd is a registered food business and operates under this legislation. In compliance with […]

Heartbleed security report

At Forest Skills Ltd we take our responsibilities seriously, especially those with regards to your personal data. We proud (but not surprised) to be able to confirm that our website has been checked by Norton for vulnerabilities relating to the Heartbleed bug & is confirmed as being safe & secure. This means that you can […]

Independent Panel on Forestry Final Report

This is such an important document, we felt that we should repost the link so that you can have another chance to review the Panels findings. We particularly like the Panels Recommendations on page 21; Independent Panel on Forestry Final Report. Chris & The Forest Skills Team Let the adventure begin!  

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