Summer's here & so are the bugs

The weather has been beautiful in this part of the UK for the last few weeks, with the odd wonderful thunderstorm thrown in. Along with the warm sunny weather have come the bugs that are looking to create their next generation. Sadly many of these decide that we are going to help them with this […]

Chalara fraxinea (ash dieback) – identifying symptoms in the winter

The Forestry commission have just released the following video which we think that everyone who owns, visits, enjoys or works in the UK’s woodland areas should watch.     If you do find symptoms of ash dieback, please report your finding to the Forestry Commission. You can do this very simply via the Ashtag app […]

Maori stones hold magnetic clues

Here’s an intriguing¬†story about using the stones in ancient Maori Hangi (pit ovens) to help provide the missing information about changes to the earth’s magnetic field through history. BBC News – Maori stones hold magnetic clues. Chris & The Forest Skills Team Let the adventure begin!  

Independent Panel on Forestry Final Report

This is such an important document, we felt that we should repost the link so that you can have another chance to review the Panels findings. We particularly like the Panels Recommendations on page 21; Independent Panel on Forestry Final Report. Chris & The Forest Skills Team Let the adventure begin!  

Ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea)

Here is the link to the official Forestry Commission page concerning Chalara fraxinea (aka Ash Dieback); the pathogenic fungi responsible for the potential loss of all of the UK’s Ash tree population. Please take some time to read it. Forestry Commission – Ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea). The second link is to a visual guide to […]

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