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FireDragon confirmed as MOD replacement for Hexamine!

FireDragon confirmed as MOD replacement for Hexamine! BCB International Ltd, the Cardiff based manufacturer of military and civilian equipment, have confirmed that they’ve won a four year deal with the UK MOD for ‘the supply of a new operational ration cooker and fuel’. At Forest Skills Ltd, we have been testing the FireDragon fuel for […]

Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday Sale? So Black Friday is almost here & merchants are making the most of it, dragging the sales period out for up to 2 weeks in some cases. Will we be running a Black Friday sale? No. Why not? Simple; have a look at our regular prices and then try to find another […]

Food Information Regulations 2014

The Food Information Regulations 2014 come into effect on 14th December and affect every food business in England. (Similar regulations affect companies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). As we provide food and drinks as part of our courses, Forest Skills Ltd is a registered food business and operates under this legislation. In compliance with […]

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