Bushcraft Courses

Bushcraft Courses

[su_column size=”2/3″]We offer a range of bushcraft courses to suit all ages and levels of experience; with 1/2 day, full day, overnight & weekend-long courses, through to advanced bushcraft & survival courses.

To ensure that you get the most from your course, we’ve created a kit list page on which you will find all the details about what you will need to bring with you on your course. Click here to jump to the kit list page.

Below is a list of our current course range with brief details of what you can expect to be learning about when you join us. For more details & to book your place on the course simply click on the course title.[/su_column]
[su_column size=”1/3″]Bushcraft courses run throughout the year[/su_column]
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New for 2016!

Traditional Enclosures Course – 2 day course – During this weekend course you will practice learning how traditional farming enclosures were made throughout the country. You will be hedge laying, dry stone walling & making woven fence hurdles. Naturally this is going to be a very hands on course, so you have plenty of time to get yourselves “match-fit” for this one as the course will be running in October & November 2016, with February 2017 dates still to come.
The Practical Survivor – 2 day course – You’re still a little bit dazed & confused. You’re not quite sure how, but you’ve managed to survive. One thing you do know; the challenge of remaining a survivor has begun. Could you survive? Could you look after your family, or those around you? On this course you’ll learn what to do in a survival situation, how to react to the psychological pressures of being a survivor & how to remain a survivor.
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The Bushcraft Overnighter Course – 2 day course – This course is ideal for bushcraft novices looking for a bit more adventure. It’s the perfect starting point for your lifelong journey in bushcraft. This course runs throughout the year with specific dates for Ladies only & Men only courses.

The Bushcrafter Course – Full day course – This course is ideal for bushcraft novices & is the perfect starting point for your lifelong journey in bushcraft. This is a full-on day where we cram everything that we do on the Bushcraft Overnighter course into one day.

Introduction to Tracking Course – 3 day course – Have you ever wondered how trackers can follow people across landscapes for days on end? The world of the tracker is genuinely fascinating & with this course you’ll discover a world hidden in plain sight. You’ll learn all the fundamental techniques of a tracker with this course.

16 hour First Aid for Outdoor Education – 2 day course – Leading groups of people in remote areas, or participating in outdoor activities can bring with it unknown hazards. Being prepared to deal with any emergency should always form part of your emergency plan & you should be prepared to deal effectively with first aid related incidents when working in this environment.

The Camp Craft Course – Full day course – Have you ever been out camping, either in a tent or backwoods style and found that actually you’re not that comfy or clean and that you wish things were just a bit, frankly, nicer? A bit more pleasant? If so then this is the course for you.

Hunter-Gatherer Course – 2 day course – During this course you will be guided through the practicalities of providing food and drink for yourself and those around you. It will also show you what other resources can be foraged from the natural environment.

Family Bushcraft Course – Full day course – This fun-filled family bushcraft course is designed for families with younger children (6-12) who love the outdoors & want to learn more about bushcraft skills.

Shelter Building 1 Course – Half day course – In a survival scenario, after assessing your situation, finding shelter is amongst your first priorities. The shelter building course will teach you the correct way to build woodland shelters in all temperate climate woodlands.

Sharp Skills Course – Full day course – During this course you’ll learn a life skill & an essential bushcraft skill; how to use and maintain your knife & axe.

Game Preparation Course – Full day course – During this course you’ll learn how to use and look after your knife, butcher game meats from being in feather, fur or scales and then different ways in which to cook them. Lunch included!

The Rope, Knots & Lashings Course – Half day course – Found another tangle of string in the kitchen drawer? Frustrated at knots that seem too complicated or fall apart? The Rope, Knots & Lashings course will introduce you to a host of useful knots that you can use whether simply hanking a piece of string or climbing your next mountain.

Friction Fire Lighting Course – Half day course – As its name suggests, this course is all about providing you with the skills necessary to light fire by friction; the quintessential skill from yesteryear.

Navigation; Techniques & Tips Course – Full day course – So which way is North? Do you know how to use a compass & what is a “roamer”? Do you know how to orientate a map? This course is specifically designed to take everyone (including absolute beginners) through the techniques of land navigation using maps & compasses, GPS & natural navigation.

We look forward to meting you on one of our course soon!

As we say at Forest Skills;

Let the adventure begin!


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