Octobers courses

Octobers Courses

Hi folks, long time no speak! We’ve got loads coming up this month, so why don’t you come and join us! Here’s our course schedule for October:


October 2016
The Practical Survivor – This is a really exciting course which we’ve only run twice per year. Come and learn about the psychology of survival, as well as how to survive with what you find around you. Course starts 1st October & runs for 2 days. Book now as we’ve only got a few places left!

First Aid at Work – This is the Ofqual certified 3 day course and on the starts on the 5th of October at our training rooms in Knutsford, Cheshire.

The Bushcraft Overnighter Course – Our most popular course! Come and join us in the woods on the 7th of October and experience sleeping in the shelter that you make. Course runs for 2 days.

Game preparation Course – running on 9th October, this is a brilliant course for the amateur butcher and hunter alike.

Private booking – We’ve a private booking on 15th & 16th October. If you’d like to make your own private booking please contact us

European Restart A Heart Day is running on 18th October & we’ll be teaching kids CPR at a school close by. Your local school might be involved as well!

We’ve got loads of things going on in November as well, not to mention loads of new items coming into stock in the shop. It’s going to be an exciting & busy few months, so come and join us & let your adventure begin!

Chris & The Forest Skills Ltd Team

Let the adventure begin!


The possibilities are massive!

The possibilities are massive!

Following a fantastically successful training course yesterday, we’ve been in discussion with Julian Woodall of Medic Services International with regards to some new courses for 2017.

Quite honestly, the things we were discussing yesterday make our Practical Survivor course look tame! So keep watching to see what we come up with.

…night exercises…escape and evasion…wilderness survival…hunter forces…

Chris & The Forest Skills Ltd Team

Let the adventure begin!


We’re helping. Can you?

We’re helping. Can you?

Theo Clennon – at just two years of age, Theo still has to undergo extensive high dose chemotherapy, stem cell transplants and radiotherapy.

We were contacted earlier this week by a group raising funds to help send Theo Clennon, a very poorly little boy, to the USA for proton therapy. They’re aiming to raise £200,000; a seemingly massive amount, but with your help, and the help of all your friends, hopefully they can achieve it.

The fundraising group had organised an overnight bushcraft event for twenty people, each of whom had raised a minimum amount to attend the event. Unfortunately unforeseen circumstances resulted in the event being postponed and then cancelled with the original company.

This is where Forest Skills Ltd stepped in.

The fundraising team explained the situation to us & we’re very proud to say that Forest Skills are now hosting the event for them. To be able to help out with this fantastically worthwhile group; raising much needed funds to help two year old Theo, is a real privileged.

Here’s how Theo’s parents describe what they’re planning to do;
“Our son Theo has recently been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour.

At first we were told the tumour was inoperable because of the tumour location on Theo’s brain stem which controls essential bodily functions, breathing, swallowing, walking, talking etc.

Theo was only given weeks, maybe months to live.

Another surgeon then came forward 5 days later who had looked at the Mri scans, he thought he could see a way In and hopefully remove the tumour, as the tumour was not actually on brain stem but pushing against it.

It was a difficult and very delicate 11 hour operation but the tumour was successfully removed. Massive thank you to amazing neurosurgeon Dr Conor Mallucci and staff at Alder Hey hospital ♥.

Theo’s fight is far from over, he now has to undergo extensive high dose chemotherapy, stem cell transplants and radiotherapy.

Because of his age at 2 1/2 years traditional radiotherapy techniques would destroy Theo’s healthy brain tissue as well as the bad.

Proton beam therapy is therefore the best route to take which targets only the affected part of Theo’s brain, unfortunately proton beam therapy costs a heck of a lot of money and is currently not available in the UK. The NHS do send some patients to the USA to receive treatment but Theo does not fit their stringent qualifying criteria.

Please help us to raise £200,000 to get the treatment Theo urgently needs and deserves in the USA.

Thank you x”

All twenty places had been filled previously & will almost certainly be refilled by the same people for this fantastic fundraising event. But, you can still help by donating to this families Virgin Money Giving page – Donate here.

We’ll be blogging more about this in the coming weeks, but in the mean time we’ve asked our suppliers whether they can help out as well, both financially for Theo, and physically for those attending the course.

Chris & The Forest Skills Ltd Team

Let the adventure begin!