Food Information Regulations 2014

Under the Food Information Regulations 2014, every UK food business is required by Law, to identify which of the food products they offer contain any of the recognised list of allergens. This is the case for pre-packed food stuffs (e.g: hotdogs, bread buns, cordial, etc.) and also for ‘loose-foods’ (foods which are prepared on site) such as the game meats which we and our clients prepare during our courses.

Forest Skills are committed to complying with this Law.

Forest Skills have always identified which food products served during our courses have contained the recognised allergens. In compliance with this Law, we have now transferred a simplified version of this information to this page for easy reference.

So what are the 14 recognised allergens?
Which of your food stuffs contain these allergens?

The Forest Skills Ltd Team.

Let the adventure begin!


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