Information for Teachers & SLT’s

Information for Teachers & SLT’s

What teachers say:

              “We know what forest school is, but we don’t have time to look at anything”.

              “Give us the real time cost of bringing them to you, and the information to convince the SLT.”

Forest school sessions are brilliant for all ages!

Well here are your answers:

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Forest school sessions and school visits can be tailored to be suitable for Pre-school – KS3 ages. What we do depends on the ages of the kids. We do however request that on school visits, participants ages are broadly similar (ie within the same academic year) as this makes our delivery simpler & requires fewer instructors meaning less cost for you/your school.
Forest school sessions are brilliant for all ages!

Educational value/benefits for the kids?: Here’s an example; perhaps your year group is studying literature such as Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, or Daniel Defoe’s classic ‘Robinson Crusoe’. In which case you might want to learn a little about navigation methods (understanding of the world, astronomy, geology, geography, biology, physics, maths, fine & gross motor skills, not to mention history!). We could also learn about foraging, food sourcing & preparation (home economics, PHSE, religious education, geology, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, maths, communication & language, history, fine & gross motor skills). The list goes on!

We are passionate about forest school & the difference it makes to children of all ages; from Early Years right through to year 13 students.
Cost per child?: 1-10 kids = £150*, 10-20 kids = £300, 20-30 kids = £450, 30+ kids = POA.

*Minimum numbers?: We don’t have minimum numbers, but we do have costs to cover, so our minimum fee for a half day is £150, or a full day is £250.

Do adults go free?: No, but it’s only £5 per adult to attend.

Early spring & a school group visited for a full day of curriculum enhancement

The content of the experience for the children/sample itinerary?: Here’s an example for KS2-3 kids; We start every sessions with a little on health and safety & the Countryside Code. We might then cover den/shelter building, moving on to fire lighting, before stopping for lunch. If the kids have packed lunches, then that’s fine. Alternatively, for the more adventurous, we might cover some simple game preparation (eg crowning a pigeon) which we’d then cook and serve for lunch with a simple accompaniment (eg flavoured rice or pasta). After lunch we might cover navigation, water sourcing and treatment, then finish off with some games and toasted marshmallows.

For KS1-2 kids, this might be simplified by swapping some of the elements for playing in the mud kitchen or practising our team & gross motor skills using the slack line.

We have a vast amount of activities that your kids can undertake; exactly what we do is by negotiation and depends on their ages.

Available dates?: Most Wednesdays & Thursdays are available for school visits. Other days are available by negotiation – we have regular forest school classes running on Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays.
FAQ: Please find a link to our FAQ page which answers questions such as “What do we do if it rains?”, “Do you have toilets?”, etc.
Feedback: Here’s what other schools have said:
A Tree Spirit - a forest school activity

Offley Primary School

“Our topic was ‘Survival’ and we were focussing on the book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo. Right from the start, Chris couldn’t do enough for us. He went away and read the book and used this to tailor our Forest Skills experience to exactly what we needed. As a teacher, I learnt a lot and although I was initially a little nervous about making fire with the children, Chris talked to the children and set up the activities in such a way that they were able to do the majority of activities independently. The children absolutely loved their day and it was lovely to see them rushing out of the school gates with excitement at the end of the day desperate to tell their parents all about it. I would definitely like to work with Forest Skills again in the future and I would highly recommend it for any school.”

Mrs C.
Literacy Co-ordinator
Offley Primary School, Cheshire.

Woodley Primary School

“Thank you so much for today! I was in the office listening to the children going home and telling their parents what a great day they have had. :)”

– Steve Barton (Manager)
WASP @ Woodley Primary School.

The Forest Skills Ltd Team

Let the adventure begin!


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