Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Bushcraft themed birthday parties are always really popular with children of all ages! We run our woodland parties at our fantastic venue in the heart of Cheshire, but we may also be able run one at your own venue if it’s suitable*.

Everything is run outdoors, so when it rains we swap the groups parachute shelter for a tarpaulin and carry on!

Parties run for two hours but if you’d like a longer party this can be done as part of our Bespoke birthday party package. Please note: Den building activities are normally only available at our venue due to the practicalities of transporting resources. Den building at your venue is possible as part of a Bespoke birthday party.
Setting the bar high with this camping birthday cake!
Parties for children aged 3-5;
Parties for children aged 5-8;
Parties or children aged 8-16;
Bespoke birthday parties;

Booking your party

Birthday parties can be run at the following times; 10-12pm & 1-3pm all year round & 4-6pm during summer months.

When we’ve confirmed availability, please purchase the birthday party deposit payment from the shop, confirming the date and time that you’d like within the ‘customer note’ area. We will then confirm your booking via an email, which will include;

  • Branded birthday party invitations for you to print and hand out.
  • Directions to the venue (when not having it at your own).
  • Our Consent and Medical declaration forms – to be completed by all party-goers and returned to us no later than 48 hours before the start of the party.


Why let the adventure end when the party does?

To round off the birthday experience have a look through our range of bushcraft & survival products available in our store which we could bring with us on the day of the party… Just let us know what you’d like purchase & we’ll bring it along.

Have you enjoyed a party with us? Tell the world how good it was!

If you’ve recently been to a party with the Forest Skills Team why not tell everyone how brilliant it was. We’ve made it really easy for you to do this. Simply click here, fill in a short form & we’ll do the rest.

*Additional charges may apply should you choose to have the party at your venue.

The Forest Skills Ltd Team

Let the adventure begin!


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