5th Tyldesley Cubs

5th Tyldesley Cubs

We went out to meet up with 5th Tyldesley Cubs again yesterday at the Middlewood Scout campsite in Worsley near Manchester. We had an absolute blast teaching the kids game preparation, knife skills, water sourcing and purification, fire lighting and shelter building.

Some really good skills shown again by the kids, some of whom are more skilled than your average adult!
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Here are some of the comments that we received from the kids and parents at the end of the day:

“WOW! What a day! Game preparation (pigeon), knife safety, whittling (tent pegs), ‘water challenge’ (purifying water), friction fire lighting (firesteel, flint and steel and bow drill) and shelter building (natural and tarp). BIG thanks to Chris Garland and Ashley Clinton from Forest Skills Ltd, without whom, today would not have been possible.”

“Thomas had a really good time been telling dad all about it thank you all!”
“Nathan wanted to finish his peg off but fell asleep”
“Thanks for another fab day. Jake and Dylan loved it. Washing Machine is on again!”
“Archie has had an amazing time.. he’s making me feel ill with pigeon talk. Thank you so much for yet another fabulous experience.
Washing machine is full of mud again”

“Thanks for another great day. William is loving cubs and he has finally completed a ‘proper Bushcraft day’ (his words), that we promised him he would get to do in cubs.”
[After preparing the pigeons for lunch] – “Mum have you seen how much blood was on my hands……it was great!”
“Billy had a great time, again 🙂 he loved the pigeon X”
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Chris & The Forest Skills Ltd Team

Let the adventure begin!


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